Savory Pancakes

All of our Galettes are made with fresh homemade batter, served with salad and dressing.

Gluten free, vegetarian or vegan options available

Egg and cheese                                 £6.20

Ham and cheese                                £7.00

Ham, cheese and egg                         £7.20

Cheese and onion                              £6.90

Mushroom and cheese                        £6.90

Bacon and cheese                              £7.00

Cheese and spinach                           £6.90


Authentic French Crusty Bread

Tuna and mayonnaise                                      £4.90

Ham and cheese                                              £4.90

Egg, tomato, onion and lettuce                          £4.90

Ham, egg, cheese, onion and lettuce                 £5.30

Egg mayonnaise                                              £4.90

Chicken mayo                                                 £4.90

Bacon                                                          £4.90  


Plain                                                  £ 1.95

With butter and

Selection of jams                                 £2.25

Almond croissant                                 £3.10

Bacon, cheese and egg                      £7.20

Chicken and cheese with

tomato slices                                    £7.20

Sausage, onion and cheese                 £7.20

Tuna and cheese                               £7.00

Tuna, cheese and beetroot                  £7.30

Bacon Maple                                     £7.30

Smoked Salmon, Cheese, Spinach        £8.50

Extra options: 90p VEGAN DAIRY FREE CHEESE

Ham, Cheese, Mushroom, Egg, Tomato Coulis, Onion or Tomato Slices


Served with authentic French Crusty Bread and a Vinigerette Dressing

Lettuce, beetroots, tomatoes,

Onion, egg and bread                                       £4.90

Extra option chicken 90p


Gluten free option available. Contains no artificial flavourings or perservatives

All Cookies                                        £1.95


Sweet Pancakes

All of our crêpes are made with fresh homemade batter.

Gluten free, dairy free or vegan options available

Sugar and butter                                £4.10

Lemon sugar  / or curd                        £4.25

Belgian white chocolate                       £4.80

Homemade caramel                            £4.25

Apple and homemade caramel             £5.90

Kinder and Nutella                              £6.05

Jam (Apricot, strawberry, raspberry

blueberry  or orange marmalade)         £4.25

Maple syrup                                       £4.80

Peach and maple syrup                       £5.90

Flakes, white choco, caramel               £6.30

Nutella and Oreo                                £6.30

Nutella                                                              £4.25

Nutella and almonds/ or  Belgian chocolate           £5.90

Banana and Nutella / or  Belgian chocolate            £5.90

Strawberry and Nutella /or chocolate                    £6.05

Profiterolle crêpe

(Belgian chocolate and ice cream)                        £5.90

Nutella and marshmallow                                    £6.05

Banana  and homemade salted caramel                 £5.90

Nutella and smarties                                           £6.05

Nutella and Kinder Bueno                                    £6.30

Nutella and Ferrero Rocher                                  £6.30

Extra options 90p

Choose any of the following: 

Apple, banana, almonds, Belgian chocolate, maple syrup, ice cream.



*Icing sugar                                      £4.50

*Jam ( apricot, strawberry, raspberry,

Blueberry, orange marmalade )           £5.60

*Nutella                                            £5.60

*Belgian Chocolate                            £5.60

*Homemade salted Caramel                £5.60

*Maple syrup                                    £5.60

*Apple, homemade caramel,vanilla ice cream and cinnamon                          £6.70

*Banana, Belgian chocolate or nutella

   And  vanilla ice cream                     £6.70

*Banana, homemade caramel and vanilla ice cream                                              £6.70

Nutella and Forrero Rocher                 £6.95

Nutella and Kinder Bueno                   £6.95

Glaces & Sorbets
Made by Wild Fig & without artificial flavours

Caramel | Raspberry Sorbet 

  • 1 Scoop                               £1.70

  • 2 Scoops                             £2.70

  • 3 Scoops                             £3.70

includes sprinkles and sauces

Ice Cream Sundae                                    £5.80





Skimmed & Soya Milk Available
Pot of Tea - £2.00
Kid's Menu
Our children's menu is most suitable for under 5's

Espresso                                 £2.00

Macchiato                               £2.00

Latte                                      £2.50

With syrup: vanilla, caramel,

Toffee and nut or cinnamon      £2.95

Cappuccino                             £2.50

Americano                              £2.35

Mocha                                    £2.95

Cappuccino with caramel          £2.95

Extra options 35p

Syrup, Marshmallow, Chocolate flake

Waffle, Crepe or Galette

Ice cream

Glass of juice, milk or squash

Organic fair-trade Breakfast tea                             

Earl Grey tea

Green Tea

Mint Tea

Decaf tea

Decaf Tea

Hot Chocolates
Milkshakes - £3.70

Cool cappuccino      







Cold Drinks

Still water                                                    £1.35

Sparkling water                                             £1.35

Rose lemonade                                             £2.10

Pomegranate and Elderflower                         £2.10

Mandarin and orange                                    £2.10

Lemonade                                                    £2.10

Ice Tea peach                                               £2.10

Coca Cola                                                    £2.10

Diet Cola                                                      £2.10

Sprite                                                          £2.10

Orangina                                                     £2.10  Fresh press juice                                          £2.50                                                                        

Orange juice                                                 £1.50

Apple juice                                                   £1.50

Iced Coffee                                                  £2.95

Iced latte                                                     £2.95


Fruit smoothie                                              £2.35

Not from concentrate

Mix of Mango, orange, passion fruit

La Crêperie de Claudie accepts all major debit and credit cards in store.

Food Allergies

Please get in touch or ask a Claudie if your require information on the ingredients in the food we serve

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